With our previous release, we’ve introduced a new feature to our i18n library. When we first came up with this library we thought about a simple approach. A typesafe i18n library, and if it’s necessary a text modifier, we just need to wrap them with simple HTML tags, for example <b> and <i>, and use the I18nHtml component to render it.

This wasn’t sufficient for more complex cases, so we created the I18nWrapped component. This enables you to wrap any component of your choice! The best part is that it uses TypeScript to ensure that you’re doing everything correctly.


With the last release, we have introduced a new feature that will enable you to embed your BPMN and DMN models on any web application with an iframe. Let’s have a better look at it.

We have updated our toolbar on the Business Modeler Preview, and now under the “Share” menu, there is an “Embed” option.

Photograph by Cristina Mittermeier

We’re happy to announce our update on the Kogito Tooling Examples to help you understand how to use and integrate the Kogito Tooling packages on your project! The Kogito Tooling packages provide a simple way to start using the Multiplying Architecture. It’s major advantage is enabling you to embed an Editor or a View on your project.

Some useful links before we start:

This will be a series of blog posts, and this one covers “How to create a custom Editor in a React application”.

You can navigate through the series…

We’re happy to announce that Kogito Tooling is ready to be internationalized! This means that it will be possible to change the locale and access translations of the Kogito Tooling Channels.

To enable this new feature, we developed an i18n type-safe library with React usability in mind, which allows simple and easy integration with an already existing project. This article will explain our choices and go through all the minimal settings required to use it.


As mentioned, this is a library to be used on a React TypeScript project, so first of all, it’s necessary to create a dictionary type…

Luiz Motta

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